mx-hermosillo-hospitalToday (Wednesday), I went back to the womens hospital and got to see some really cool stuff! I watched a lot of natural births. Most of the women were so young -- I was so suprised. I also saw the procedure for a miscarriage for a 14 year old girl. The c-sections I saw were really great too. One of them was on a 9 pound baby! It was kind of scary because it took them a while to get the big guy out. I guess once they break the sac, they only have so much time to get the baby out safely but because this baby was just so big a couple of the doctors had to literally put their entire body weight into pushing on the mom's abdomen to get the baby to come out. Then of course there was the whole grabbing of the head thing which drives me crazy. They pull so hard you'd think that there must be a breaking point. Oh man, the babies were so cute and wonderful. Whenever we had an down time we would just go in the room where they take the fresh babies and we would just hold them.

One thing that I thought was interesting was that they don't really allow the mothers to hold their babies right after they're born. Once the baby is born they clean it up, bring it over to the mother just to show her, them take it off to another room for about an hour. Is that the way it is here in the states? I guess I would wanna hold my baby for a bit if I went through all that trouble to get the darn thing out of me. I do understand that the mother is exhausted beyond belief and probably needs to rest anyway.

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iStock_000001821815XSmallI'm at the orphanage right now.  It's the only place with wireless internet (the Sizanani Outreach offices are here too) and I'm literally surrounded by TEN kids haha. They're loving this laptop I am using... kinda making it hard to type. I put on Disney songs so they can enjoy. They are seriously so cute. I love them all and I want to take them allllll home with me.

I'm sitting next to a little 13 year old boy who is reading this email as I type it. haha. He wants me to tell you all that he says hello. All of the other kids say hello as well. Man I cannot describe to you how awesome they are, and so beautiful. One of my favorites is a little six year old who has AIDS and so is the size of a 4 year old. He is extremely smart and always goofing around. To be honest, all the kids are my favorite.

They all have such good little hearts and despite their circumstance, they are all fairly well behaved and happy. It's amazing what people can do with so little. Makes me really realize how incredibly spoiled I am.

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