iStock_000001821815XSmallI spent the day at the childrens hospital. We didn't have a translator with us so it was kinda boring for the first bit but we found a nurse that was happy to try to speak English with us.

Anyway, I spent the first few hours walking around the neonatal unit. it was so so touching. the babies were so small and helpless. I figured that most of these babies don't get enough physical affection so i just walked around and caressed them as much as I could. it was heartbreaking cause most of them had tubes sticking out every which way. I watched a nurse trying to take some blood from a few babies. I would never want to try to start an IV...her veins are just so tiny.  A lot of the babies had a bunch of hair growing on their faces and backs because they were so emaciated. I got to hold one of the really small babies and calm her down after one of the nurses tried to take some blood with a big needle.

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