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6290_505309267330_330900025_142053_2683150_nWe got into Nkandla on Saturday evening.  The drive from Jo'burg was about 7 hours. uuuugh. But is was really pretty, kept wanting to see lions running along side the car... Ya.. Didn't happen. Just cows and goats EVERYWHERE!!!

I love it! The town I am in is really rural and quite poor. Im staying at a catholic convent with 8 or so sister nuns that are all soooooo cute. Most of the food we eat is from their own gardens (mom you would love it). The days have been relatively warm but then nights are always freeezing. Luckily we have little space heaters and tons of blankets :) So far we've visited the Velangaye Highschool and met the students, principal etc. and gone to "the center" which is the orphanage. The natives are soooo friendly here.

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