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nkandla-kittenI rescued a kitten today! Omigoodness she is absolutely precious and wonderful. She's actually cuddled up on my shoulder as I'm typing this. I was walking home from the center after working then playing with the kids and along the road I all the sudden noticed two baby kittens (no more than 3 weeks old) snuggling on the side of the road.

When I got closer, I noticed that one of them wasn't breathing....oh man it was so incredibly sad. This one little kitten was just snuggling up against her dead sibling. Of course I had to take her home. I knelt down to pick her up and she went limp in my hands and immediately started cuddling with me. I took her back to the convent, and she's basically been purring in my arms and on my shoulders ever since. Oh man I would take her home with me in a heart beat if customs would let me keep her. She is absolutely beautiful; all black with glowing blue-green eyes. Unfortunately, there are too many animals here at the convent for the sisters to take care of her, so we are going to take her to the highschool and either have the principal or one of the teachers look after her. Being out here has made me want animals so badly. I've always been crazy about animals, but now all I can think about is someday having a BIG yard with dogs, cats, goats, and pot-belly pigs!

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